Awards of the International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (Beijing 2016)

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Aviation Safety

The First Prize:

Authors: João Crespo,  Hadeer Khaled Ai Nakada,  Oskar Niburski, Jia Qiang

Project name:Retractable Wings Paired With Reinforced Learning Algorithms to Land Safely Designed for Bombardier Q400


The Second Prize:

Authors: Ahmde Mostafa Mohamed Elsayed,  Kondakova Elizaveta,  Chaibi Mahdi,  Jung JiAn,  Li Xiaocan

Project name:The Expandable Wings and Detachble Cabin Saving System


The Third Prize:

Authors: Araceli Martín,  LAI Yuk Ching,  Georgy Kochnov,  IM, Jae Han, Li Xing

Project name: Saving the Airplane in the No Power Scenario


Deep Space

The First Prize:

Authors: Victor Manuel, Martin Barrios,  Grigorian Astkhik,  Yang Jie,  Sun Kejian

Project name:Structural Health Monitoring in Deep Space Exploration UsingPiezoelectric Sensors and Image Processing


The Second Prize:

Authors: LAM Wah Shing,  Alejandro García Jiménez,  Li Yingqi,  Cao Tiancheng

Project name: Achieving Instantaneously Communication Between Earth and Mars byApplying Solar Sail Technology


The Third Prize:

Authors: Wu tao,  Chen youth,  Jang Kwangwoo,  Shvetsova Arina, Raul Blazquez Garcia

Project name:Solar Sail Propulsion by Focused Broad-Band Sunlight


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