2017 ICDIC Group Information

written by The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (Bejing 2017) Committee 2017.7.14| 403hits


Topic 1: Flying Machine Construction or Design of its Power Plant in the Future
Group Name  Gender University E-mail
1 GAO Yang Male Beihang University 47178589@qq.com
LI Chenyang Female Beihang University 14151033@buaa.edu.cn
MU Xu Male Beihang University 1261056347@buaa.edu.cn
Ivan Bondarev Male  BMSTU is-bondarev@mail.ru
2 CAI Yingjie Female Beihang University caiyingjie96@163.com
YANG Fan Male Beihang University Michael_yang01@163.com
HAO Siyang Male Beihang University 13041233070@163.com
Omar Abdelfattah Ali Hassan Omarn Male Ain Shams University Omar0995@gmail.com
3 HUANG Liming Female Beihang University Lynnhwang@buaa.edu.cn
SHI Jingyu Male Beihang University 247801690@qq.com
WANG Yidi Male Beihang University wangyidi@126.com
Merna Nagy Kamel William Female Ain Shams University mirna.william@hotmail.com
4 SUN Yuzhuo Female Beihang University sunyuzhuo1995@126.com
LI Ziyu Female Beihang University 771987051@qq.com
WANG Xianheng Male Beihang University wang19970213@buaa.edu.cn
Roman Iakovlev Male BMSTU yakovlevroman1994@gmail.com
5 GAO Wei Male Beihang University gwxh1515@buaa.edu.cn
HAO Yaru Female Beihang University 772821561@qq.com
YI Wenfeng Male Beihang University 1033024579@qq.com
Engy Mostafa Mohamed Mohamed Zain Female Ain Shams University engy.m.zain@gmail.com
6 SUN Heng Female Beihang University sunheng@buaa.edu.cn
MA Xiaorong Female Beihang University maxiaorong@buaa.edu.cn
HUANG Changxuan Male Beihang University 17801004528@163.com
Vitaly Omelchenko Male BMSTU Omel94@list.ru
7 CHEN Yiye Male Beihang University 2015cyy@buaa.edu.cn
CHENG Ming Male Beihang University bhyhxycm@163.com
WANG Yuan Male Beihang University 1497502484@qq.com
Lebedeva Serafima Olegovna Female SUAI sima.lebedeva@mail.ru
8 JIA Yuan Female Beihang University 2310782250@qq.com
ZHANG Zixiao Male Beihang University 601652092@qq.com
LI Gang Male Beihang University ligang1413@buaa.edu.cn
Mai Mohamed Tawfik Female Ain Shams University maizzy1@gmail.com
9 PIAN Rong Female Beihang University pr1133@buaa.edu.cn
WANG Xuhua Male Beihang University m13020075207@163.com
WANG Zizhao Male Beihang University 14051134@buaa.edu.cn
Agarkov Alekcei Alexsandrovich Male SUAI special.agarkov@gmail.com
Topic 2: Medical Data Analysis System for Monitoring Health Conditions and Prevention of Disease
10 CHEN Gengshu Male Beihang University bokice@foxmail.com
SHI Faqiang Male Beihang University 14061115@buaa.edu.cn
YANG Tingyang Male Beihang University 2549618771@qq.com
Mayar Mohamed Youssef Ramadan Female Ain Shams University mayar_youssef@hotmail.com
11 CAO Yunjie Male Beihang University caoyunjie823sina.com
LIAN Dapeng Male Beihang University liandapeng@buaa.edu.cn
ZHOU Zhengye Female Beihang University zzyolivia@163.com
Khaled Ahmed Fawzy Ahmed Moharram‬  Male Ain Shams University khaled_moharram@yahoo.com
12 LONG Ziyang Male Beihang University 845579775@qq.com
CHEN Yurong Female Beihang University bella_cyr911@163.com
YANG Wenyuan Female Beihang University schizo821@outlook.com
Mohamed Ashraf Saad Al-Din Al-Adawy Male Ain Shams University 1201119@eng.asu.edu.eg
13 LI Mingxuan Male Beihang University 871628347@qq.com
GUO Zhiyuan Male Beihang University depctg@qq.com
MU Yu Female Beihang University yanessa201117@163.com
Aleksandr Shtykov Male BMSTU shtykovalexander@gmail.com
Topic 3: Applications of Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) in Industry or Business
14 BAI Xue Female Beihang University Baixue1002@buaa.edu.cn
LI Changqiang Male Beihang University changqiang_li@buaa.edu.cn
YU Zhaowei Male Beihang University 13121201916@163.com
Belal Saad Mohamed Kamel Male Ain Shams University belal.saad.m.kamel@gmail.com
15 JI Jiahao Male Beihang University bh1506jjh@163.com
Wang Jiayujue Male Beihang University whynot_s@outlook.com
WU Zhenhe Male Beihang University wuxs97@163.com
Heba Ashraf Mohamed AbdelSalam Female Ain Shams University Heba.ashraf.94@gmail.com
16 QIU Linwei Male Beihang University 931744281@qq.com
SUN Yutong Female Beihang University 312862074@qq.com
ZAO Yifan Male Beihang University 1397950161@qq.com
Nardine Nagui Nessim Boutros Female Ain Shams University na_nagui@hotmail.com
17 XIAO Kun Male Beihang University robin_shaun@buaa.edu.cn
BAO Yiyi Female Beihang University baoyiyi0597@foxmail.com
LIU Zuxin Female Beihang University xinye@buaa.edu.cn
Ahmad Khairy Muhammed Aref Male Ain Shams University a.khairy.aref@gmail.com


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