Operating Instructions of Forming Groups

written by The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (Bejing 2014) Committee 2014.7.16| 1143hits


    During July 16th to 20:00 of July 20th, each participant needs to fill in the information form and form your team online. Participants who do not belong to any team will be allocated randomly by the committee. The following is the operating instructions of forming groups.


First, enter the Web page www.icdic.org .

1.   Click the “Login” and pass into the login interface.

2.   Input your personal account and password to log in. 

3.   Click the “My Info” to turn into the interface of competitor’s information.

4.   Fill in the personal information requested by the website and confirm to submit. After finishing register, you can still modify your information.

    If your personal information is not completed,the “All Apply List” button and “Team Info” button are unavailable to you to check other competitors’ information and the situation of team forming.

5. When finishing registering, you can click the “All Apply List” to check other competitors’ information who have done the register.

6. Click the “Team Info” to check the formed team; click the “Add Team” to form a new team or click the “Join” to join an existed team.

7. You can retreat from a team by clicking “Leave My Team”. If all members of one team have confirmed to stay in the team and will not change their mind, the team leader is supposed to send a confirmation email entitled with “Team forming conformation_ Team name” to icdic14@gmail.com. The email should include the name of the team and all the team members.

8. You can always click the “Sign Out” to exit the interface.