2014 International Collegial Design Innovation Competition (ICDIC) opening ceremony was held in Beihang University

written by The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (ICDIC Beijing 2014) Committee 2014.8.11| 1362hits

    (Beihang News) On August 7th, the 2014 International Collegial Design Innovation Competition (ICDIC) held by Beihang University was inaugurated in Ruxin Conference Center. Officials from the School League Committee and International Division (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) attended the opening ceremony, as well as 96 competitors from 18 universities of 10 countries and regions.

The opening ceremony started with a video, introducing the basic information of ICDIC. Competitors of each university also delivered their greetings and blessings in the video. Cheng Bo, the Secretary of the Youth Association in Beihang University, gave the opening address on behalf of Beihang University. He greeted every participant with hospitality and promoted Beihang University as well as the ICDIC. Sergio Perez Perez, the student representative from Technical University of Madrid, and He Changyuan from Beihang University School of Astronautics made their speeches, expressing their great anticipation and best wishes toward ICDIC. Meanwhile, they promised to respect various cultures and obey competition rules so as to achieve success of ICDIC. In the end, contestants from different countries and regions presented their wishes to ICDIC in their own languages.

ICDIC aims at strengthening students’ ability in international exchange and cooperation, broadening their international horizon and cultivating a sense of innovation and team spirit. The competition focuses on two subjects: aviation and spaceflight. Contestants can choose their own teammates under the condition that every team includes at least one student from Beihang and one international student. Each contestant can log in the ICDIC official website and select their subject. It’s required that every team should collect data, create a model, finish a thesis and defend the thesis in a limited period of time. After the competition, opportunities are created for competitors and Beihang students to exchange opinions on academic issues. Moreover, Beihang University will arrange a journey of culture for all competitors. They will have a chance to feel Chinese culture through the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and the National Museum.

2014 ICDIC, with 49 contestants from universities of America, UK, France, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Brazil, Israel and Hong Kong China, will last one week. These universities have all signed cooperation agreements with Beihang University. More than 20 competitors have won win awards in international competition or published academic articles on international academic journals. 2014 ICDIC will close on August 12th