New: Awards of the International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (Beijing 2014)

written by The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (ICDIC Beijing 2014) Committee 2014.8.12| 1357hits



The first prize:

Authors: Hung Wai Sum, Li Chak Hong, Shilei Zhao, Shi Tianyang

Project name:Weather Controlling Satellite 


The second prize:

Authors: Henrik Ribjerg, María Dalda Bosch, Saphal Adhikari, Zheng Jialei

Project name:Energy Harvesting through Satellites

Authors: Carlos Rodriguez Sanchez  Elisa Pozo Menéndez  Zhang Yakun  Tuo Minglang

Project name :Future Cities & Satellites


The third prize:

Authors: Younis Osama Abdelsalam, Christian Bang Olsen, Mario Rueda Ruiz, Du Sicong

Project name:Analyses of Current Satellite Application and Innovative Proposal of Satellite Nuclear Power Station 

Authors: Majse Granberg Hansen , L'Nard Tufts , Bai Xueyi , Zhou Yicun

Project name: Orbital Additive Manufacturing Station - Spacey 3D Printing 

Authors: Ekaterina Andreeva , LI Jingran , Li Jiawei , Ji Guosheng

Project name: Bumper Harvest intelligent agriculture system 



The first prize:

Authors: Frank Kelly, Luis Javier Perez Lorenzo, Jeff Kremer, Ye Lin

Project name:An innovative approach to improve the current procedure for assessing and

responding to compromised commercial aircraft


The second prize:

Authors: Sean Rowan, Adrian Carrio, Yao Weiran, Hu Xiaohui

Project name:Fast Air Vehicle Accident Localization System (FAVALS)

Authors: Aoife Considine, Tomer Yehezqel, Dorin Avsaid, Christopher Li

Project name: Project Eagle: Freedom of the Skies


The third prize:

Authors: Gillet Florent, Dussuelle Thibaut, Limeng, Ding Caiyang

Project name:Improve the safety in flight

Authors: Stephen Brennan, Stephen Ennis, Maisi Li, Jabor Feng

Project name: Proposal for the measurement of Real Time Pilot Mental Health Index (RPMHI)

Authors: Roshni Kasturi, Leandro Rossi Sampaio, Lu Liu, Xu Yanqing

Project name: Safe&Sound