Notification of ICDIC

written by ICDIC Committee 2015.7.7| 1064hits

        1.Overseas and HK contestants should make sure they have brought their printed out roundtrip plane tickets (with price on it) and boarding pass to Beijing. By virtue of these materials, they can get the Committee’s reimbursement.

        2. Everyone needs to prepare formal clothing. Males should consider bringing a suit, and females should bring evening dress. Ordinary dress also will do.

        3.Overseas and HK contestants need to provide the invitation letter and photocopied passport to register in. Domestic contestants need to bring Student Card to register in.

        4.Please note that Beijing is particularly hot in July, so contestants should take some precautionary measures to guard themselves against heat.

        5.It is necessary to bring outlet converters which suit China’s voltage standard (220v).

        6.Contestants should bring electronic devices such as laptops to Beijing as the committee only provides them with an account that can surf the Internet free of charge.

        7.Contestants should log in the ICDIC website frequently during the pre-competition period because the committee will notify them which volunteer will take care of them during the competition.

        8.The committee plans to arrange 4 buses to pick the contestants up from Beijing International airport.

        9. July 13th 24℃~35℃ 

            July 14th 22℃~31℃ 

            July 15th 24℃~35℃ 

            July 16th 23℃~33 ℃ 

            July 17th 24℃~35℃ 

            July 18th 23℃~33℃ 

            July 19th 23℃~33℃ 

            July 20th 22℃~31℃ 

       10.If there is anything hard to handle, please feel free to contact us.




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