Awards of the International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (Beijing 2015)

written by 2015 ICDIC Committee 2015.7.17| 1587hits


The First Prize:

Authors: Wu Qiao, Qu Qingyu, Sumbal Saleem, Yuen Tsz Ko

Project name:A Cubesat Design Mission for Determination of Ozone Patterns over Beijing



The Second Prize:

Authors: Matthew Arnott, Shunichi Kazama, Nan Jiaqi, Yang Dongdong

Project name:DICE: Disposable Imaging Cubesats for Exploration



The Third Prize:

Authors: Youth Chen, Veronika Tinina, Maxim Ivanov, Li Xiabing

Project name: The ' Sunshine' CubeSat Satellite



The First Prize:

Authors: Michael Strauch, Satoshi Aikawa, Yuan Chaochen, Wang Min

Project name:Innovative Solutions for the Replacement of Aircraft APU



The Second Prize:

Authors: Juan Bermejo Ballesteros, Joel McGrath, Xi Jingyuan, Guo Yuchen

Project name: An Investigation into ' Green' Aviation



The Third Prize:

Authors: Zhao Hanwen, Iuliia Modebadze, Natalia Fetisova, Liu Yixin

Project name:Modularity of Cabin

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